You Can Benefit From Being Content Scraped

If you own a website, especially a blog or make post frequently to your site that could be content scraped I sure you can see how frustrating it could be when your hard work gets scraped off your site onto someone else’s. Even though it’s frustrating and doesn’t seem right to let people do that, I’ve still been deciding whether or not you could actually be harmed by being content scraped.

Up until recently I was up in arms over the debate. Could you really be harmed by duplicate content on another site and would that site show up higher than you in the search results? Well those where good questions and I’d seen answers and good argument for both sides, some people saying yes some saying no.

So I sought out a definitive answer to the question. I found that for my own blogs and websites letting people scrap my content has not posed a problem. All of my sites are showing up higher in the search results than the content scraping sites. Then I also looked at the fact that I’m don’t seem to be getting any sort of penalty form Google on this, so looks all good from here.

But the question still remained as this study was only done on a few websites. So I decided to come to the conclusion that the answer to the question might be different for each site. I’d have to test each site I work on and determine if it’s a positive or negative thing for that site. Although to my surprise, today I came across a video by Matt Cutts that can put some, if not all, of this question to rest.

In the above video Matt Cutts confirms that having people scrap your content can actually be beneficial to your site. How..? Links (it’s all about the links), if you have links in the content that someone scraped and those links are linking back to your from the content scraper site then that would count as a link back to your site. So that also means that you should not be getting some sort of penalty for the duplicate content.

Pretty interesting, see I was not sure if Google would count these as link because in most cases it’s a version of your content linking back to your content. But apparently Google gives you some credit for this. Which I actually do see in my link results within my Webmaster Central Account.

So I’d suggest letting people scrap your content but make sure you include links back to your website in your content and that the links have the full website address. You also might do the same with your images in your posts.

Now I guess the only questions remaining are:

  1. Is this always true for every site. I’ve heard other webmasters talk about how their site shows up below some content scraper. So I guess you need to make sure you have at least some PageRank and TrustRank, then this should not be an issue.
  2. There is still the issue that some people might visit the content scrapers site and not your site for what ever reason. Then if you are making revenue off ads or some other conversion you are losing out. In that case you might still not want people to scrap your content.

What are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting.
P.S. I know if your scrapping our content :)

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[...] you can still manage to benefit from infringing scraper sites (see good recommendations here and here), I’d rather beat them than join them, [...]

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