Video on Domain Trust and Domain Authority

I recently stumbled onto a great video on Domain Trust and Domain Authority. In the past I’ve been skeptical of some of the ideas and thinking behind what Rand Fish from SEOmoz has said but I agree with him on this understanding of Domain Trust and Domain Authority.

His video (posted below) outlines exactly what Domain Trust and Authority are and how to use them to benefit your site. So what are these things?

Domain Trust - Is the trust search engines put into your website’s domain. If you have a higher domain trust then you site including all pages in your site get this same trust placed on it because it’s all the same domain.

Domain Authority - This is the authority placed on your site’s domain name by search engines. Again this authority effects all pages of the same domain.

Rand outlines the calculation of each of these with the following points, which I agree are some of the important points that make up Domain Trust and Domain Authority.

Domain Trust

  1. Who links to you?
  2. Who do you link to?
  3. Registration info (domain name registration info)
  4. User data signals (data from internet users through various sources like browser, analytics, etc…)

Domain Authority

  1. Link juice/PageRank
  2. Diversity of link sources
  3. Temporal analysis (time or how quickly/slowly links are built)
  4. Distribution analysis (distribution of links to the pages within your site)

Share your comments and think on Domain Trust and Authority below by posting a comment!

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