Use YouTube Search Stories Creator for Backlinks

If you have not heard yet YouTube release a new feature where you can create your own search story videos right just like the ones they have in the Google ads. The look really professional which got me thinking. Someone savvy enough could come up with some great videos that would get people to link back to them and all they have to do is you this simple video creator.

The video creator only takes a few minutes to create a video and it even adds in the music for you. Although you do have to come up with at least 6 keywords you want your story to include. I wish you could choose less but I guess that’s mandatory.

So how can you use this to get links back to your website? Well, first come up with a unique idea for a search. My personal favorites are Zombie apocalypse, Cookie Monster’s Search Story, Worth It. You can check out more on the search video creation page.

Anyways here is my search story video:

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