Definitions for Twitter Terms

After starting my own Twitter account recently for our company (check us out: @gallagherdesign) and hearing other people ask what different things meant in regards to the “Twitter language” I decided I should write a post to help define that language. Also I’m going to be updating this post as new words get introduced into the Twitter community.

  • Twitter - is a free micro-blogging website, or in other words a free social networking site, that offers users the ability to post short messages (usually only 140 characters in length) on their personal page which then can be viewed by anyone.
  • Tweet - is the name given to the short updates you can post on your twitter account/page.
  • Hashtag - is a tag made of a keyword or term starting with the hash character and is used to indicate a category or topic for a tweet/post on twitter. To use the hashtag you type the hash character and then the keyword/term with no spaces.
    Example: #seosean
  • RT - means to repeat a tweet or message from someone else. The tweet/post usually contains the username of the person the message is from so as to give them credit for it.
    Example: RT @gallagherdesign Twitter language defined:
  • OH - means you are posting something you overheard and is not your original thought.
  • @ - the @ symbol disgnates a tweet/post at the user’s username directly followed by the symbol.
    Example: @gallagherdesign I love your site!

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Thanks for that! A big help. Will keep checking back for any updates.

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