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Twitter Issues - Not Working!

Friday, August 7th, 2009
Twitter Bird Dead

This is just a quick post about Twitter issues I seam to be having. It does not seam to be allowing me to login to the home page but I can from other pages using the same exact username/password. But anyways at least I got around that hurdle finally.

Although now I don’t seem to be able to post anything new on Twitter. I’m just getting the loading image when I click the update button on my Twitter home page after typing a message. I’ve even left the page open for a good hour or two and still no working!

So I then came back again and it’s still not working! Ahrrrrrrr, I hate when this kind of stuff happens. I’m not that big of a deal but I’d like to at least update my Twitter page with some of the new posts we’re making on our blog here.

I’ll try again latter and hopefully they will have the issue resolved. I’m guessing it has something to do with the browser through as I’m able to update using a twitter iPhone app. Plus I just saw this posted message on the Twitter status site: Problems with updating from Firefox 3.5. Only issue is I’m not using that version of Firefox but I did just update my version so maybe it has something to do with that.

Again hopefully they will get this issue fixed quickly!

iPhone and AT&T to Release Tethering Option Today!

Monday, June 8th, 2009


I just spoke with an local AT&T rep in my area about when the tethering for an iPhone will be release as a service available for this carrier today (6/8/09). Apparently she said that AT&T Corporate will be announcing latter today their new services for tethering the iPhone. I asked if they had any other data on this but she said they do not. Although she let me know that in about 2 hours from now (currently its 2:00pm EST, so at about 4:00pm EST) we should hear an official announcement in the news about this from AT&T.

Update (6/19/09): It turns out they only released the new iPhone 3GS but I have a feeling they’ll be releasing tethering soon since the new iPhone and the new OS offer tethering
AT&T Rep told me:

“We just got told today by corporate that this will be announced today.”

[I then asked ] When can I expect to hear more data about this?

“You’ll find out [the information] at the same time we find out…

We should know in 2 hours, there will be an announcement all over the news then.”

What is Tethering?
Tethering will allow you to connect your iPhone to your laptop and use your iPhone’s Internet service plan. So you’ll be able to goon the Internet using your iPhone as a pseudo modem.

How I found out about the release?
Yesterday and today I became increasingly curious as to when this service would be made available. As I will be away from my office for a few days and wanted to make sure I have Internet access. Although, I’ve actually investigated this in the past only to find out that you could do it but it would violate your service agreement. So not wanting to do that I researched more on the Internet to see if AT&T would be offering this service anytime soon. I had found that they were set to announce this service at some future data but no hard concrete data was given. Although one website suggested it would be in April. When that has come and past and it was not release. So being desperate I called up my local AT&T store and asked them if that service was available yet. Surprisingly the rep told me that AT&T will actually be announcing this service being available later on today.

How does this effect SEO & the Internet?
I believe this will have at least a slight effect on Internet usage. I think there will at least be a small increase in usage. I know myself for one will be able to be online more. I believe that we can already see that the iPhone by its self has created an increase in Internet usage - even thought its just a mobile Internet usage increase. Although I don’t really see this having much of an effect on SEO or SEO services other than it might make the Internet more available to people thus you might have more people using search engine, etc… But an interesting question with regards to this could be how will this effect Analytics and visitor tracking. Will most Analytics programs track a user as the same user if they are using their iPhone or tethered computer? Once this service is released we’ll have to experiment with that and find out.

Matt Cutts’s Advice On URLs & Page Names

Sunday, January 25th, 2009

While there are many important factors to “on page” optimization, most all optimization will start with the file name or page name - that’s of course after you’ve done your keyword homework. There are many nuggets of advice I myself could give on the subject by I thought in particular you might want to hear some of the things Matt Cutts (Google employee) has to say on the subject with regards to ranking in Google. Below I’ve compiled some key notes Matt has made on the subject from various sources.

  1. One type of file extension is not preferred over another.
    This means .php is not preferred over .asp or .html over .htm. They all have equal value as far as Google is concerned.


  2. Don’t end your URL in .exe or other extensions used mostly for binary data.
    Ending your URLs with .exe or another ending commonly used for binary data may cause Google to not index the file or may cause other problems as it might think the URL is to an actual binary data file.


  3. Use a dash instead of an underscore in file names.
    Pretty self explanatory, Google seams to like the dash better as the underscore was used at one point in computer languages to depressant a combined word not two separate words. So in this case if you had the URL test_word.htm that could be interpreted as you use the word “test_word” in the URL not the words “test” and “word”.


  4. Google algorithm does not penalize for dashes in the URL.
    There is no penalty for this but of course if you have a really long URL using this it might raise other flags.


  5. Use the same URL consistently across your entire site.
    You do not want to vary the URL you are using across your site as this could be internated by Google as duplucate content. For example if you have your home page as you want to use that all through your site and not vary this and have one link going to and other to


  6. You should 301 redirect to default file names
    Variations of default or common URLs should be 301 directed to one URL. For example if,, all go to the same place then you should 301 redirect them all to one of those URLs.


  7. A www and non-www version of your site can be treat differently
    This is another issue with duplicate content and minimizing the chance of it. Google can treat a www and non-www URL as totally different pages. So you should make sure you are using only one of those in your links and possiably 301 redirect the one your not using to the one you are.


  8. Google treats static and dynamic URLs in the same way.
    Self explanatory, Google does not give static or dynamic URLs more weight over one or the other. But having keywords in the URL will currently give you an SEO advantage.


  9. Page Rank flows the same to static and dynamic.
    Again pretty self explanatory, Google flows PR the same way to each of these types of URLs.


  10. Only try to use 2 or 3 parameters in dynamic URLs
    Matt suggests only have about 2-3 parameters in your dynamic URLs.


  11. Try not to use numbers in dynamic URLs
    It’s suggested that you don’t numbers in your URLs as they could be seen as session ids and confuse the Google bot when crawling your site.