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Google Search Result Glitch

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

The other day while doing a search on Google I noticed some peculiar things returned in the search results. It seems that this is a glitch for the results returned to me and other people.

Here is what I found… I was searching for business website design and as I looked through the results after a few of the natural listings inserted among these results was the statement See results for: semi repair and then 3 trucker sites. Huh…? Trucker sites and truck repair don’t have anything to do with business website design.

Screen Shot: (full screen shot here)

At first I though, okay well maybe it has something to do with the customized search. So I checked in the upper right hand corner and there was no customized search message, so then I checked the bottom of the page as sometimes that message will show up there, but again no customized results message. I then refreshed the page a few times and still got the same results. Finally tried searching for it again and still got the same results. So I figured, well maybe it’s just my computer or something. And I then proceeded to post a message about it on a search engine forum. To my surprise everyone else reported seeing the same thing.

Next I did a little investigation to see if anything new from Google with the search results could be the problem. And I found that Searchology was just released yesterday. Therefore, I’m speculating that it has something to do with that. Or it could have something to do with Universal search.

So what does all this mean for SEOs? Well, this lets us know that it appears that these “suggested results ” can be turned on and off and set to specific search keywords. It also appears that it is normally an automated thing but has the ability to be manually changed by Google - as I’m sure we’ll soon see these weird results being taken down.

What are your thoughts and do you get these results too?