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My SEO Quiz Score From

Monday, March 16th, 2009

Last night I decided to test my skills on a SEO Quiz by I was curious as to how skilled I am in comparison to other SEOs in the field. My results where quite good! I’m in the upper top cream of the crop in the SEO field based on the knowledge I know according to their quiz. My score was a 97% out of 100%, which was 246/255 questions correctly answered. According to I’m a SEO Deity (anyone scoring 91%-100% is an SEO Deity) or as my score card badge says I’m a “SEO Dark Lord”, lol whatever that means!

The test is an interesting application based on Ajax and asks you a series of questions tallying your score as you’re answering questions and then after you’re finished it will display the score badge you earned and what you’re level of SEO knowledge is. Are you an SEO Expert? Take the quiz and find out.

Free Link Hub Finder SEO Tool

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

With SEOBook’s recently pulling their link hub finder tool and making it only available for paying customers I wanted to get the word out there about our free link hub finder tool. Our tool runs off Yahoo links just like the one at but ours is 100% free.

This tool will allow you to check the common links between several websites (you’ll need to enter at least 2) and see what links they have in common. The theory behind this is that Google places authority on links from specific website and generally most of the top sites for a given keyword will be linked to from one or a few of the authority sites. Finding which sites those are can be quote a task, so we’ve developed a tool that will compare the links between a give set of websites.

Our tool was developed based of the idea of the original link hub - this was prior to SEOBook setting on up on their site. Although are tool was written completely from scratch and then tested to ensure accuracy against raw results and in comparison to the original link hub tool.

Starting using our free link hub finder tool today!

Does Google Prefer Valid or Non Valid HTML

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

There have been many rumors going around among SEOs and webmasters like about whether Google prefers valid HTML or is fine with non valid HTML or in other words HTML with syntax errors. I ran across this simple quick video where Matt Cutts (Google employee) explains that Google actually does not really use valid HTML as a ranking factor. With that said, although one should not be totally discouraged from validating their HTML source, we find it’s just not as important as other things like creating quality content. You just need to place this on an importance scale and weigh whether validating it as important as the other factors you could be adjusting on your site.

Here is the video of Matt Cutts on Google’s preference of valid or non-valid HTML markup.