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Our First Blog Post & Free SEO Blog Startup Tips

Wednesday, December 31st, 2008

Welcome to our blog, this is our first post. I thought it would be good to add a blog to our site so that we can have more open communication with those of you that visit our website. Plus I’m sure you’d love some insight into us, what we know about SEO, and some free search engine optimization tips. So feel free to poke around our blog and make comments about what you find.

And here are some helpful hints for any new blog. First make sure you have the latest version of the blog software you are using, this ensure you’ll have all of the latest features and many known security issues will have been patched up.

  1. Pick A Niche - just like a basic website and have an overall theme, before you begin posting on your blog you should come up with the theme/niche.
  2. Do Keyword Research - most of us do keyword research before beginning any SEO work, I’d suggest doing the same for your blog even before you begin making posts. Knowing what your targeting your blog for when initially setting it up can help tremendously in the long run. Plus you should always have a goal that your working your blog towards
  3. Permalinks - use them, these are great for making your site’s URL search engine friendly
  4. Blog Categories - it’s always best when you first start a blog to sit down and come up with the categories you’d like to have on your blog. You can always change things later on but with this initial outline you’ll be better at keeping things organized as the blog starts to grow.
  5. Blog Template - make sure the coding in your template is SEO friendly. Remember only use the H1 tag once on that page and try to get the content (the actual page text) towards the top left in the source code
  6. SEO Plugins - take some time to review the available plugs for blog software. Most of the time you can find some great plugins that will not only aid in making your site rank better but also cut down on the time it takes to run your blog
  7. Establish Commenting Rules - making and knowing your rules up front can make it much easier in how you’ll treat comments on your blog and will keep your visitors happy.
  8. RSS Feed - make sure you have a RSS feed setup. Another great thing to do is use 3d party services to post your RSS feed from, like Feedburner.

Well I hope that gives you some ideas on what you might need to do when your starting your own blog up.