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Kerri loves her job. Search engine optimization is her passion, she spends her nights researching it. She is the best choice for your SEO goals. Give her a call for a free consultation.

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We have a team of SEO consultants with different skills: here are a few things that Kerri and her team are great at!

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Working in the field of search engine optimization and SEO services is unlike any other industry, mainly because things are always in a constant flux. What gets a site to rank one month may not do so the next. Therefore working with search optimization requires one to be up-to-date with the latest trends with search engines as well as techniques on optimization and internet marketing. Knowing what works and what does not is what makes or breaks whether a site will rank.

To ensure we stay on top of the continual change of  SEO Consultants Vancouver, we not only daily check with search engines (mainly their blogs, forums, and press releases) but also read search engine optimization and marketing news from a variety of authoritative industry specific sites. Our goal is to ensure we stay informed and to increase our understanding of the search engine optimization process.

The Kerri Sean Difference

We provide expert services focused on get your site ranking at the top of the search engines. What makes us unique to other SEO companies is our SEO packages, where each is tailored to meet just about any business or professional’s needs.

As well, we can provide a custom search engine optimization services at request. Our proven process of search engine optimization has been getting us and our clients top 10 results. We have a proven track record and work hard to improve not just your rankings but your site as a whole.

We Get Results!… Do You Want Results?

Our clients experience results and are happy they choose us. We realize that your investment in search engine marketing is an important one and that you want results from it. We agree whole heatedly with you, that’s why each of our SEO service packages states exactly what results you will receive and can expect. Unlike other search engine optimization firms we tell you up front you’ll get onto X page with our services for X number of search keywords in your project.

So what are you waiting for, contact us now to get started!

Learn What Makes Us Different

We’re different because we work to make each of our client’s sites become more than just search engine friendly. We get websites ranked onto top pages in major search engines and we work with you to ensure your site is functioning in a way as to be profitable to you. We take that extra step and ensure your site will be effective once it’s getting traffic from our optimization. Making sure the end result from our traffic is someone’s reach for your services makes it to you.

Our optimization process has been proven to work time after time as we follow workable proven SEO techniques. This also avoids your site from being banned or rankings dropped in the search engines, which can happen if unethical tactics and techniques are employ. We know what is ethical and not, so you can expect only ethical SEO practices from us!

How to Get Started

We’ve have made working with us as simple and easy as possible. We understand you might not know all the technical jargon dealing with search engine marketing and how exactly the process of website optimization works.

Therefore we provide images, charts, examples, glossaries, interactive applications and an online client center to view your project’s progress. All in an effort to help make your experience as smooth as possible and to ensure you understand what we are doing and were your site is headed. We also provide phone support to all of our clients.

To get started pick a service package or sign up for a free SEO consultation. Just enter your information in any of our online applications and from there we’ll contact you and you’ll be on your way to getting top search engine rankings.

The Search Engine Optimization industry is full of SEO agencies that claim to get your company website to the “top of Google results” by several methods. More often than not, they do so in obscure ways.

While their claims seem over the top, these are usually made by people with no experience about the intricacies of managing successful SEO campaigns. On the other hand, matching the right SEO agency for your company’s online needs can be very rewarding.

What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimization is the work done on your website to ensure it will be displayed prominently within the search results for specific search topics (also known as keywords). The most significant search engines, such as Google, update their search algorithms continuously to reward relevant website content and punish low-quality spam that ‘tricks’ their algorithms with poor quality links, irrelevant keywords, and bad content.

In practical terms, SEO allows you to attract more visitors onto your website from these search result pages. However, the SEO process itself is anything but simple, due to increasing competition from multiple small businesses hiring SEO agencies to manage their websites. Choosing an SEO company can be complicated, and here are elements to guide you when choosing your SEO agency.

What questions should I ask when hiring an SEO company?

Choosing an SEO company that is the right match for your company needs can be a tough decision. The main issue is that SEO is an intangible product. Different agencies may confuse you because each of them uses different jargon to display their past successes within the sector. How are you supposed to choose? Here are the seven most important questions to ask your potential SEO provider:

1. What previous experiences do you have?

This question serves to gauge whether the agency has past experiences helping clients with similar needs and goals to yours, as well as whether these clients have stayed with this agency for a long stretch of time. The actions of loyal customers speak louder than words, just as much as measurable and relevant results. Ask them to show you facts and figures from similar past campaigns to what they are proposing your business. Serious SEO agencies will certainly have past successful cases to show you.

2. How much of the work is done in-house?

It is common for agencies to outsource some, or perhaps all, of their SEO work. The work that is outsourced results in less quality control that they have so that they will be less accountable for your results.

3. How often will my account manager contact me?

An effective SEO campaign is marked by regular communication. It goes both ways: just as much as you need to understand what goes on with your campaign, the SEO agency must be informed regularly about your changing business in order to adapt to the campaign.

4. What inputs will you need from me?

While you can outsource all SEO activities and its responsibilities to your chosen agency, you can certainly provide valuable insight and achieve better end results. Make sure you know what will be needed from you.

5. What results do you expect? How long will it take?

No reasonable agency guarantees certain positions within a certain time because Google can and does alter its algorithm at any time. If your agency promises to ‘top of Google by the end of the week’ — this is impossible and irresponsible. You should, however, agree on targets and relevant goals, so both you and your agency have the same goals in mind.

6. How do you choose which keywords to target?

On the one hand, it is easy to be the number one result for a specific phrase that nobody will ever use on Google. On the other, if you choose a very broad term, it will likely not be used by serious customers looking to buy your product or service. Good keyword research is what brings balance to this equation, and the best SEO agencies understand it and advise you accordingly.

7. Do you have any marketing experience beyond SEO?

SEO is just one tool on a good marketing plan. You should choose an SEO agency that understands the entire picture.

Red flags

When bad SEO agencies promise or claim certain things, it is a red flag. Here are some of them:

1. Over or underpriced services

Low budgets give you low-quality results. On the other hand, high prices mean the company is out of touch with the market. You can certainly find agencies with a good reputation and reasonable prices.

2. We will get your website indexed in two days

If this promise is done before the agency even saw and analyzed your site, they are already way off on their preliminary research.

3. Top page rankings within a week, guaranteed!

Such a specific promise in such a short amount of time mean the person does not understand SEO at all. Search rankings are out of anyone’s control because they are done by Google, and no person can speed them up.

4. Massive search engine submissions

The well-done site doesn’t need to waste time and resources by being submitted to major search engines. As a matter of fact, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo all advise against over-submitting a site to their search engines because this actually plummets your rankings.

5. Thousands of links to your site

Building links too quickly and with irrelevant sites is the fastest way to get punished or even blacklisted by all major search engines. A site should only build quality inbound links and over a longer period of time.

6. SEO copyright requests and meta-data

Some agencies want to retain copyrights to the meta-data they create, edit, or analyze on your behalf. This leaves your site vulnerable to being barred from using such data, therefore undoing all your past SEO efforts.

7. We know someone

If your SEO agency claims to know someone inside Google who can help your search ranking, they are simply making things up. First, Google employees sign confidentiality agreements. And second, a serious SEO expert stands on his own reputation, and not imaginary contacts.

Unsolicited SEO offers that are too good to be true are just that, and deserve the spam folder.


Finding the right SEO agency for your company is simple — do your research. Find an SEO company with ample experience with businesses similar to yours and is ready to answer your queries about SEO campaigns. Bad agencies making spurious claims should not be considered to do business with.

Good SEO lets customers interact with your business, whether they are at the beginning, middle, or the final stage of the buying process. Customers use the Internet to find the local services they want, compare product prices, read reviews online, and discover more about your services, products, and then decide if you are the company that will best satisfy their needs.

When your SEO enhances your online presence, you will be able to answer the questions your consumers have without them leaving your site to visit a competitor instead.

If a potential customer visits your site and needs more information, you will have the contact information there so they can use telephone, email, or social media to get in touch with you. If your business can remain in the mind of the consumer at all times, from the time they start searching, you will increase the likelihood the customer will choose to deal with you instead of your competition.

It is not enough to get listed on Google. To obtain the best results, you must appear on the first page of search engine results. This can only be done through search engine optimization.

Being First Means Everything When It Comes To SEO

More than 95% of searchers only visit the first page of the search engine results (SERP) that come up. In order to rank on the first page, you need to use SEO effectively as this is the way in which Bing, Yahoo, and Google decide which websites will appear in the top results for various keywords.

A business that does not utilize the best SEO techniques will get ignored and will be listed on pages that will rarely be seen by anyone.

Has your business spent thousands of dollars to create a great website that almost nobody visits?

If the answer is yes, it is likely that your website is not optimized correctly for SEO, and your business does not appear on the first page for its main search terms.

It is not enough to have a great website; if you want to benefit from your site, it must be properly optimized for SEO.

SEO Is Different From Other Marketing Strategies

SEO is an organic type of advertising online. It pulls customers into your business as opposed to other types of online marketing which concentrate on getting consumers to notice business ads.

For instance, if a potential customer goes to Google to research dentists practicing locally in Seattle, they are trying to get information about local dentists.

The customer has a need they want to fill, and they have taken the initial step to learn about your service. SEO is the ideal method of marketing because the customer is already looking for the service you provide. They need their problem solved, and they are looking for the solution, so if your business appears high up in search engine results, you will constantly have new leads without having to advertise or worry about advertising copy.

Pay-per-click networks, Twitter, and Facebook use a very different method of attracting customers. Where SEO attracts customers to your business, advertising networks that display ads will put your content in front of consumers, whether or not they currently want your service or product.

Ads that are constantly being pushed in front of uninterested readers have a very low rate of conversion. Push marketing requires a budget to pay for it, whereas organic SEO is free.

SEO is the best form of marketing directly to customers; you do not need to spend a lot of money to test ads, pay for pop-ups, or use other annoying tactics which could result in harm to your brand and annoyance to potential customers.

More than $65 billion each year is spent by businesses to improve their SEO because no other online ad strategy can match the results of successful SEO.

Having Great Services Or Products Does Not Guarantee Rankings

In a perfect world, a business with the best service or the best product would get the best rankings on a search engine and appear at the top of SERP results. However, this does not happen in real life.

Search engines are not able to review all products and services, so they have their own methods to rank different websites using quality, relevance, and authority.

This method used by search engines to evaluate sites is called SEO.

A search engine typically examines more than 200 factors affecting rank, where each factor plays a part in the overall score. A business that optimizes its website for SEO will generally rank more highly because it is following the rules of the search engine, and they are much more likely to be ranked highly for the correct search terms.

A business that actively works on improving its SEO sends a signal to search engines that they are keeping up to date with changes in modern technology, and they are evolving with today’s world – signs that they are continuing to grow.

A business that does not use SEO will appear as if it is not serious about its online presence, it may be shut down, and the search engine will not know how to interpret the listing correctly.

A prosperous business will have a strong SEO presence.

How Long Does It Take SEO To Work

There is no time frame for SEO. Unlike ads on Facebook, which can have a start date and an end date, SEO is an ongoing process of refining your website, so it becomes more visible through editing, improving and adding to your presence.

If you have not used SEO before, or if you did attempt to use it but were unsuccessful, you will see increased traffic to your website after just a few months of using the right techniques. As you improve your SEO by working on it, you will see even more benefits.

When you stop working on improving SEO, your results will stop improving, and your competitors will gain the edge over you.

In Summary

Nearly every home, office or building in the US has access to a search engine. Two-thirds of adults in America can get access to Bing, Yahoo, or Google with their smartphone.

SEO is not just a nice add-on for your marketing strategy; it is essential as consumers use the Internet to research and make purchases.